Sassy Sites and Links

Here are links to some of my favorite Sasquatch, paranormal, and spiritual growth sites–those places that have informed my journey and that I hope will be useful on yours.

“Flesh-and Blood” Sasquatch:

The Bigfoot Forums Also has a free Paranormal section for members, where I met good-hearted and courageous “Knowers.” These people helped me to quickly realize this is no “Wood Ape,” as another organization using that name wants you to believe.

Historical Sasquatch Tales and Background:

The Bigfoot Classics

Paranormal Sasquatch:

The Bigfoot Field Journal Though his is a purely scientific approach, I feel indebted to researcher Scott Carpenter for showing me through his blog that the Sasquatch phenomena must be approached with complete open-mindedness if you are to see what others do not.

Spiritual Sasquatch:

Hopi Lore

Jann Weiss Discusses Sasquatch Consciousness (YouTube)

The Psychic Sasquatch

Non-Terrestrial/Star People:

Divine Cosmos

Sphere-Being Alliance Go to the “Disclosure” tab for weekly transcripts of the GAIA TV show “Cosmic Disclosure,” fearing David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Mind-blowing stuff.

Personal Spiritual Growth:

Michelle Walling/How to Exit the Matrix

Unleashing Natural Humanity



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