6. It’s about love, dummy.

Three transcendent days camped among the Sasquatch people. In my last post, I promised that I’d share more details regarding what I think my relationship with the Sasquatch people is all about. I alluded to the fact the Sasquatch are connected to the Star people, and that by default, so am I. But I’m simply... Continue Reading →

4. Go big or go home.

The large Seattle ad agency I worked at some eight years ago had a well-earned reputation for being one of the most creative agencies on the west coast. I wrote for the design team on behalf of our national cellular client, and others. The assignments typically weren’t as sexy as those the ad department got... Continue Reading →

2. Arieanna.

I have wanted to write for my entire life. I finally have something to say. Meet Arieanna. She’s a 19 year-old Sasquatch who decided to leave this charming self-portrait on my car a year-ago February in coastal Oregon, following a weekend of Spey casting for steelhead on a mostly still-wild river. Apparently, she took a... Continue Reading →

1. First, a word about fear.

Welcome to my blog—this window into my rapidly morphing life, tipping toward something so wonderful and grand that I can hardly believe it. Right now people are coming over from my “regular” life on Facebook, plus a “secret” Sasquatch blog I frequent. I can’t imagine that the general public will find me for some time.... Continue Reading →

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