8. Meet Meeka the Faerie.

Catching up to pure Wonder.  When the pages of a fairytale book unfold right before your eyes, it’s as startling as it is enchanting.  This is my first blog post since summer of 2018 and I’d like to get reacquainted here with a story about Meeka, an honest-to-god Faerie who I officially met just a... Continue Reading →

6. It’s about love, dummy.

Three transcendent days camped among the Sasquatch people. In my last post, I promised that I’d share more details regarding what I think my relationship with the Sasquatch people is all about. I alluded to the fact the Sasquatch are connected to the Star people, and that by default, so am I. But I’m simply... Continue Reading →

5. A thousand words.

Not proof of existence. Simply evidence of wonder. After posting my first few blog entries, one friend took a quick look on his phone and texted, “can I get the audio version?” Hey, it’s a writer’s blog! But yeah, point taken. So for this edition, I wanted to share more visual evidence of the wonder... Continue Reading →

4. Go big or go home.

The large Seattle ad agency I worked at some eight years ago had a well-earned reputation for being one of the most creative agencies on the west coast. I wrote for the design team on behalf of our national cellular client, and others. The assignments typically weren’t as sexy as those the ad department got... Continue Reading →

3. Look with your heart.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. Shamelessly stolen from the Dalai Lama (I think he’s good with anything that spreads his message of love, even plagiarism), this was a notion that’s been as elusive as quicksilver in my life. Oh, I’ve known happiness, but I could never truly hold it. Yet,... Continue Reading →

2. Arieanna.

I have wanted to write for my entire life. I finally have something to say. Meet Arieanna. She’s a 19 year-old Sasquatch who decided to leave this charming self-portrait on my car a year-ago February in coastal Oregon, following a weekend of Spey casting for steelhead on a mostly still-wild river. Apparently, she took a... Continue Reading →

1. First, a word about fear.

Welcome to my blog—this window into my rapidly morphing life, tipping toward something so wonderful and grand that I can hardly believe it. Right now people are coming over from my “regular” life on Facebook, plus a “secret” Sasquatch blog I frequent. I can’t imagine that the general public will find me for some time.... Continue Reading →

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