7. Is it visible?

When the Universe wants my attention, it throws bricks at my head.

January 31, 2017. I’m officially put on notice: Your life’s about to change.

Drawn on the dry erase board outside my office cube, this startling message awaited me a year ago January upon returning home from an Arizona quail hunt. Before leaving four days earlier, I’d drawn a whimsical self-portrait of me wandering among the giant saguaro cactus like Elmer Fudd in search of Bugs Bunny, shotgun over my shoulder. Instead of finding my workspace mural adorned with funny workmate quips as expected, I was stopped cold by this cryptic message.

It had only been the year prior that I’d found the ghostly “car art,” portrait on my 4Runner, gifted to me on my Oregon steelhead fishing trip (see entry #2, “Arieanna”). It seems the Universe was growing impatient with me, and I was being called out once again with the implied message, “Your life is nothing like you think it is. Deal with it.”

What the spooky handwriting actually said, is this:

“IS IT Visible. DO YOU SEE The end. ARE StRONG enough? to Live by ThE Way you WERE MAde to? will you make It?”

 Welcome to my life. Indeed, it’s nothing like I thought it was.

Like a sort of cosmic ransom note written in umber dry-erase ink, you’ll notice at least two different handwriting styles, possibly three. Plus a mix of upper and lower case letters. It reads partly like a riddle, partly like a warning. The phrase “will you make it?” sent a chill up my spine, but I took it as a challenge, not a warning. Someone wanted me to Wake the Fuck Up!, and now.

All I understood in those first unsettling moments was that I was getting strange looks and inquiries from my workmates, coming over asking who I thought wrote it and what did it mean? I knew innately that no one would be coming forward to admit his or her prank. This message hadn’t been scrawled by any human hand.

Before you counter that a workmate was just messing with me let me state emphatically, no. Only one person at the office at this time had any real inkling of my paranormal Sasquatch experiences, and there’s no way he’d have risked getting caught leaving what HR would surely deem a harassing note. Besides, I recently reached out to finally remove any last vestige of doubt, and he confirmed he’d not written it. Who (or what) did still remains a mystery, but I’m thankful for yet another life-changing gift that has challenged the very foundation of my beliefs.

March 2017. I finally find my tribe.

Two months later in March, I attended my first-ever paranormal conference right here in Seattle; In5D’s “Lifting the Cosmic Veil.” The event was organized and hosted by Michelle Walling, a holistic life coach, international speaker, writer and starseed—a designation that I was completely unfamiliar with at the time, and one that I found a bit off-putting, honestly. Wait, people can somehow know they’re from the stars? How is that possible? Not just to “know,” but possible at all?! The learning curve in front of me was as steep and foreboding as the face of a granite cliff, and without realizing so my attendance that day amounted to taking the first few tentative steps of my ascent. All without any real idea of the sorts of discoveries—and obstacles—I was opening myself up to. Ever cautious but surprisingly undaunted, up I climbed.

Michelle had spent years in the corporate world, and her professional approach to the many mind-blowing topics shared that day—and her own immense and loving energy—served to make me feel instantly more comfortable. “Woo” didn’t have to be weird. I can do this. I think.

Pushing my ego and conventionality aside, I had finally ventured out from behind my computer screen to meet my “tribe.” Normal, highly intelligent people who were not afraid of any esoteric subject, of expressing love for humanity, and who talked of raising their vibrations in order to help themselves and Gaia (Earth) ascend to a new 5D reality—and the faster the better for all our sakes. Channelers. Energy healers. Light workers. Psychics. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioners. Paranormal Sasquatch aficionados and book authors. And yes, UFO contactees and starseeds (people with souls of non-terrestrial origins who have incarnated in this lifetime as humans in order to help Gaia in her critical time of need). I felt a little bit like a whore in church, but I was determined to start making sense of all the weird events that were happening to me at an escalating rate.

It wasn’t a totally smooth immersion into this new world for me. One petite woman who came dressed in a white chiffon dress sat directly across the aisle, acrobatically perching on her chair in the lotus position. Appearing to be deep in meditation as the presenters spoke, she threw her energy out to the room like she was herself the Central Sun. I became claustrophobic from her energy and started worrying that she might be able to read my mind. I’m embarrassed to admit that my thoughts became not only unkind, but downright hostile. Certain that my inner voice had contracted Tourette’s, I grew increasingly anxious and started throwing mental F-bombs at her as a way to stifle my growing compulsion to make a hasty dash for the exit. Beads of sweat were breaking out on my forehead in this suffocating shoebox of a meeting room, stuffed to capacity at the SeaTac Red Lion Inn. Even high vibrational people are hard to be around for this mild introvert.

I somehow stayed put until the break, when White Chiffon moved herself and her suffocating Light to the back of the room, as far from me as possible. Walking past her on the way to the restroom, she shot me a dark glance that clearly stated she’d felt my thoughts, after all. I guess my tribe would just have to make allowances for the newbie trying to get his energetic footing.

New friends. Improbable new worlds.

On the other side of me sat a lovely couple that were frequent visitors of the ECETI Ranch in Troutdale, WA. Home of famed non-terrestrial expert James Gilliland, his 80-acre ranch is where people from all over the world come to sky-watch for UFOs. Their website reports that up to 80 different ships have been sighted in a single night (I’ve not been there yet, but I hope to remedy that soon).

My new friends felt certain that Star people (a more PC term for non-terrestrials, or Aliens) had authored the spooky cube message. I was not ready to hear that, and quickly changed the subject. I was only just beginning to come to grips with the idea that I had the inter-dimensional Sasquatch people with me at all times. I was not yet ready to entertain the possibility that Star people were also a part of the equation. It was all just too damned much.

June 3, 2017. Close Encounters of the Me Kind.

Summer in Seattle is a sacred event. It calls for a new pair of flip-flops each year and probably a Pagan sacrifice to welcome in the warmer days and mostly drier skies that elude us the other eight months of the year. I’d driven 20 minutes north from my home in West Seattle to the Green Lake neighborhood, where I shopped for a pair of new Oahu flips.

By now my online research interests had indeed shifted from Sasquatch to the Star people in earnest, and just the night before I’d indulged a guilty pleasure and rented Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I must say, that movie absolutely holds up. Filmed in 1977, I was suddenly pulled backward through a time portal to when I was 16 and first exposed to the idea that we are not alone. Even my teenager’s crush on Teri Garr flooded back, as did the goose bumps I felt when Richard Dryfus’ character, Roy Neary, was first stopped in his truck at the stoplight as a UFO hovered directly overhead, its energy nearly vibrating every chassis bolt loose in the process.

I’d just spent the last few years diving deep down the Sasquatch rabbit hole, and now sympathetically identified with Roy’s madness as he pulled up small shrubs and shoveled dirt through his kitchen window, the materials needed to build a 3D scale model of the Devil’s Tower in his living room. I wasn’t quite THAT obsessed, but it’s safe to say I’d spent more time on the Bigfoot Forums than most would consider healthy. I feel you, Roy.

Walking back to my to my car with my new flips in hand, I spoke aloud to the skies, asking “when will I get a sign to know for sure that you’re here, that you’re real?

One step, two steps, then a look to my left.

There parked just a few spaces behind my vehicle was a large, matte-gray panel van with the personal license plate reading: MTHRSHP. Asked, and answered. Just that fast, just that absolute.

Synchronicities are the Universe’s way of saying you’re on the right track. I drove home in a bit of a fog, incredulous. That really just happened.

I’ve said it before and it has to be understood: there are NO coincidences. Another message had just been sent: I was never, ever, alone. I don’t believe any of us are, actually. But also that I was loved and being watched over by my Star family, always. There was magic to be had in every moment, if only I had the presence of mind and courage to look for it.

“They’re heeeeeeere…”

In my best voice of the 6 year-old girl from the movie Poltergeist (just to mix my paranormal metaphors), my next actual encounter was even more personal. It was only six weeks after my flip-flops purchase when I was falling asleep in my bed at home. It’s difficult to describe the feeling, but I knew I wasn’t alone in the house. I sensed the presence of beings just down the hall, and what’s most surprising is that I was not at all afraid. I even got up for a glass of water before heading back to bed. They were polite enough not to show themselves.

Now, by this time I was used to seeing all sorts of Sasquatch and non-terrestrial faces when I closed my eyes, if I chose to. Still, knowing something was there should have put me in a cold sweat, at least. I suspect that energetically they must be able to control my emotions, as I felt more blissful than anything. Suddenly, instead of yellow street-light flowing into my room through my south facing window, a mix of blue and red light poured in through my east-facing window nearest the foot of the bed, where no street lamp even exists. It was coming from an angle that would have placed it at about the height of my uphill neighbor’s roof some 40 feet away. Other than a sense of movement headed in my direction down the hallway, that’s all I remember until the next morning.

Don’t you leave a business card after an important meeting?

While showering for work the next day, I felt a sting on my right bicep. Something had left a deep scratch, and my first thought was that my cat, Merlin, was the culprit.

Take a look for yourself. See what I see? Remember the movie ET? No coincidences, remember? To me, this looks EXACTLY like the non-terrestrial star of the movie, with its wide-spaced eyes, tiny, turtle-like nose and that thin, lipless slit of a mouth. That part of it the incision was the deepest, by the way. And it stung like hell.

Star Fam 7_14_17

My Star family had visited me that night (and I suspect had taken me to their ship), leaving a sort of calling card that they knew I would most easily identify with. And now, you.

Son, you’re not from around here, are you?

Starseed. Light worker. Wanderer. Incarnated non-terrestrial. Different.

That’s it, of course. My most personal revelation shared only with a few of my closest friends, and deep down I think the reason for this blog (all of these depicted events had transpired before I published my first blog entry, August 9, 2017). That just as outlined in Dolores Cannon’s watershed book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth,” my soul is of non-terrestrial origins. Yeah, I know. It’s outlandish and freaky and foreign (boy, is it ever…) but it is the best conclusion I can come up with to explain all this wonder. I’ve yet to confirm all this with a QHHT session (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique,) but to me it seems a foregone conclusion.

If you’re new to this, please understand this distinction: starseeds are 100% human. It just means we incarnated here at this time with very specific marching orders, or a “soul contract” agreed upon in advance. Every person on the planet agrees to a soul contract before incarnating, by the way. Part of the deal we all make before coming here is to forget every lifetime we’ve ever experienced, to better play our role in this lifetime to the fullest. That’s a big part of what the Earthly experience (the growth) is all about, “remembering” who we actually are. In the case of starseeds, (Lyrans, Pleiadians, Arcturians and Andromedians, plus an endless host of other galactic zip codes), we’re here to do one thing: help Earth as she raises her own vibration and to calve off an entirely new reality—Earth as a 5D world.

Ascension. What a concept. 

The evidence (again, not “proof,” but if you really need proof from me at this point, this blog probably isn’t right for you) suggests that I am one of the millions of Star souls that have incarnated here at this time to help Earth raise her vibration. Like an immense group of Galactic midwives, Star beings are here to help Earth during her most critical hour. I’m a huge fan of author David Wilcock, and he does a remarkable job in this Gaia TV video of explaining how Earth is moving through an enormous cloud of energized gas that is changing every part of Earth’s vibration, as well as our own DNA.

Our solar system’s ongoing immersion into this gas cloud will cause our sun to experience a “solar flash,” in spiritual circles known as the “Ascension Event.” In an instant, this huge wave of solar energy will transport us from this life we know, to something wholly different; a quantum leap forward in evolution. Science, meet biblical prophecy.

When this event will take place is anyone’s guess, but I believe we are very, very close. I’ve read too many books and watched too many QHHT videos of people describing their joyous life after the “event” to have any doubts that we are on the verge of a profound galactic do-over, a Mulligan of sorts for all of Humanity. And it’s not at all something to be feared, only to be understood. A tall order, given the limited 3D window through which we humans view all possibilities. Does a goldfish have any inkling as to the wonders of the ocean’s depths, much less of the stars?

Life through my eyes.

I still don’t fully understand the implications of all this wonder. In December, a psychic friend (hi Tracey!) channeled a strikingly beautiful Pleiadian (we think) woman who serves as one of my guides, Ohndraahna (Ohn-dra-ahna). Very regal-looking with long white hair, fair skin and a large star-shaped amulet in the middle of her forehead, its point extending all the way to the bridge of her nose. She told Tracey to share that, “He’s one of us.” So I guess when all the jobs were being handed out, I chose to be on Earth’s ground crew. Yeah, I really didn’t think that one through…

I can only guess as to why I’ve been put on notice that I am part of this great Cosmic Awakening that is happening all over the globe. Learning that I have Sasquatch people with me at all times is one thing, but the intermittent interaction with my Star family raises my daily quotient of wonder to a whole new level.

Seward Park A 6_28_28
I am still in awe of the love and attention shown by my Sasquatch family. This kind friend was along on a walk of a Seattle city park on June 22 of this year, near the heart of downtown. Squatchers, you’re looking in the wrong places!

I do know that I see and interpret things differently than most everyone. The endless clues as to our true nature that are literally put in front of us everyday—those cosmic hints that others might dismiss because they deem them implausible—are to me a jumping off point to the highly probable.

Take a look at this sunset picture taken while driving across the West Seattle Bridge on January 22 of this year. Traffic was slow enough for me to take a quick picture of what I feel certain is a cloaked ship. I wanted to stop my car right there in the middle of the freeway and gawk, yet I suspect not a single other motorist saw what I did. And this, to me, is an important distinction. I’m learning to embrace my fascination with the inexplicable—my very own truth—if ever so slowly.

space ship 1 1_22_18

space ship crop

Here’s another set of sunset pictures that tell me my Star family is always nearby. One afternoon in early February (much in need of any wisp of sunshine) I’d walked 15 minutes down the hill from my home to this Puget Sound beach, taking two quick pics in the time it takes to mash the button a second time. My FB friends all loved this first pic, and at the time I thought nothing of it. See anything yet? Look hard.

Lowman 1 orig

Here’s the second pic—note anything out of the ordinary?

Lowman 2 Orig

After reviewing these two photos a couple of days later (I hadn’t seen this with my naked eye, but as with some earlier Sasquatch pics felt “guided” to look closer), I discovered this UFO. You’ll see it started below the clouds, and then moved upward vertically to a position above the clouds, perhaps thousands of feet in a split second!

Lowman 1 orig crop
First shot below the clouds…
Lowman 2 Crop
A half-second later this UFO is now above the clouds. Planes fly horizontally, last I checked, and seagulls aren’t green…
Lowman 1 close
Close up of first pic, below deck…
Lowman 2 orig close
Close up of second pic, now above the clouds!

I’ve since tried to duplicate the shot(s) by taking pictures of large jets that I could see with my naked eye, and they barely appear on film, if at all. My conclusion is that this was actually an enormous non-terrestrial ship, doing whatever it is they do.

Beam me the eff up already.

Sometimes I like to imagine that maybe my role on the Earth’s surface comes with something like a level of military command. When things get really edgy down here (such as when I see yet another poisonous, toxic chemtrail turning an otherwise glorious blue sky to an apocalyptic metallic grey), I like to shout commands to whomever is charged with following my orders. “Enough already! For the love of God, enough!! If I have any pull at all, get me, get ALL OF US, the fuck out of here–enough already!” Hey, if I’m part of the ground crew it just goes to reason that I’m supposed to report in, right? But yeah, when this is all over, you can bet someone is going to have some ‘splainin’ to do… Heh.

1-14-18 CT 1
Sidebar–I digress: these horrifying chemtrails were shot right over my house in early January–while we’re on the topic of “disclosure,” know that this shit just ain’t right. All winter I poured Plasterite molds (natural Orgonite) to combat these toxins, but we have a long way to go before we can stop Geoengineering.
1-14-18 CT 3
These look like real clouds, don’t they? Nope, this toxic soup of aluminum, barium, chromium, lithium and dozens of other chemicals were the result of the chemtrails shown in the previous picture. Gag! Sorry to ruin a good story, but it’s time to wake up!

A massive paradigm shift.

So why the hell do I share all this craziness? Most of my readers here are friends from my youth, college, or colleagues. Why wave my oversized crazy flag in public? Please know that I’m not trying to convince you of anything. However, I would feel empty if I did not share my profound discovery—a truth of this world, if you will—that (once again with emphasis), we are not alone. And we never have been. Even more than that, we are Light Beings, each and every one of us. We’re not humans having a spiritual existence. We are spiritual Light Beings having a Human experience. It still feels odd to say that, even now.


Interested to learn more? I recommend David Wilcock’s “Ascension Mysteries,” or Dolores Cannon’s profound research piece, “Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.” Or anything she’s written, honestly. Dolores invented the field of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), in which clients undergo deep hypnosis not just to connect with past lives, but to a place much deeper, where they’re able to see their soul’s work beyond only Earthly regressions. Past lives are discovered having taken place in far off galaxies, sometimes as pure beings of Light with no physical constraints whatsoever. If you want to know who you are as a human, I feel you owe it to yourself to explore just how it is (and perhaps why) you arrived at this magical outpost that is literally the crown jewel of our universe. Earth is a highly, highly coveted little blue and green marble, too precious to be destroyed. Our Galactic friends are here for a reason. It is NOT to save us, and it’s for sure not to harm us. But simply, to aid our own progress.

You want further validation? How about from our own federal government? 

I’ll end this on one more surprising note. Love him or hate him, just recently President Trump authorized a “Space Force.” What would have been mere science fiction even a year or two ago is now a federally sanctioned program! Really, really think about that for a moment, and then ask yourself, Why? For a government that thrives on its lack of transparency, this seem like a hell of a thing.

Any bells going off for you yet? They should be. This is nothing but “soft disclosure.” We’ve had a space force for years, as implausible as that will sound unless you’ve spent the last few years following this, as I have. The best read on this (IHMO) is by whistleblower Corey Goode, who was part of many missions for the Secret Space Program, or SSP. Stupid name, laughable, even. But you know all those trillions of dollars that that the Pentagon says are unaccounted for? What a crock. They know exactly where the money went and what it’s been spent on. Here’s a hint: it wasn’t food stamps.

I fully believe that sometime within the next few years that events will take place destined to change the very fabric of our existence. It will start with the Ascension Event, a wave of energy from our Central Sun that will transport us to a new level of 5D consciousness. Soon to be followed by First Contact with our Star Brothers and Sisters, as Humanity is finally restored to our rightful seat among the Galactic Council. We have served our time in this giant laboratory long enough. Life on Earth was never meant to be this hard, and we’re being set back on our proper course of evolution, as is Earth. As detailed in another Dolores Cannon book, “Keepers of the Garden,” the Garden of Eden WAS the plan, until harmful pathogens arrived on an asteroid changing the very living conditions of our Earthly experiment. For better or worse, our Alien creators just decided to play their hand, and here we are.

And “here” is an amazing place to be. Each of us has a front row seat for the greatest show in human history, far beyond what any of us can imagine. No coincidences, remember? You’re here, right now, for a reason. And it’s quite all right if you don’t know what that reason is. But I believe you will, in time. We all will.

Am I strong enough? Will I make it?!

I don’t know that I can answer these piercing questions that laid me bare just a year and a half ago, but I am proud of having taken this risk—of finding my writer’s voice and of sharing the wonder of these discoveries with you in these posts. I know that I’ve not yet “made it,” but I most certainly feel now that I am on my way. It’s a good feeling. Thank you deeply for being a part of my journey.


This story begins with me returning home from a bird hunt. Since I was ten years-old I have identified as a hunter, and am so glad for my time afield. But now that old Stan is past his field days and never to take up the hunt again, I don’t know that I will, either. Life down here IS about evolving, and though I am grateful for all the lessons that being a hunter have taught me, it may be time to walk away. When I talked with Michelle Walling in a private session early last year, she felt that was at least part of what my “spooky cube message” pictured in the masthead was all about. I am not so certain, as the message felt bigger than that to me. This very blog is a better reflection of that intended message, I feel. But in the meantime, it might be better to chase clay pigeons instead of the real thing. Danged if they don’t look like little flying saucers, though. Now what? Haha. It’s not easy being me.


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