5. A thousand words.

Not proof of existence. Simply evidence of wonder.

After posting my first few blog entries, one friend took a quick look on his phone and texted, “can I get the audio version?” Hey, it’s a writer’s blog! But yeah, point taken.

So for this edition, I wanted to share more visual evidence of the wonder that has so fully captured my imagination. I dare you to not look at the cover photo without marveling at the sheer impossibility of it all. Welcome to my world. This is the shit that has me rethinking everything I ever thought about, well, everything.

That’s John Harbolt on the couch, a person I know only from my frequent visits to our “secret” Facebook group, Sasquatch Switchboard. The incredible being behind him is his guide and friend, Portabella. Even amongst the members of our mildly jaded group, where pictures of dime-sized orbs with faces are common, and pictures of Sasquatch moving in and out of their dimensional presence hardly raise an eyebrow, this one tends to get talked about. Say, John, don’t look now but I think there’s something behind you…

Much like my own guide, Haro, Portabella is with John at all times. Or at least, close by. I recently learned that Haro can be here “in minutes,” but typically assigns others for the long shifts. My hunch is that being assigned to watch me must feel like the exact opposite of winning the Sasquatch lottery. I lead a quiet life.

Back to John’s friend, Portabella. Judging from the sheer size of him, I’m guessing that Portabella is also an Ancient One, and certainly the leader of his clan. But I also read recently that the Ancient One’s tend to have very human features, which I think it’s safe to say he does not. Though no less handsome, in my opinion. In fact, I think he’s remarkable looking. There’s a warmth and deep sense of knowing in his eyes that is so very human, resemblance or not.

My own hint that there’s much more to the Ancient Ones besides their longevity came to me once during a meditation. Haro appeared to me not as a Sasquatch at all, but instead as a spry white-haired man cloaked in white robes, very much in appearance like that most famous of Wizards, Gandalf the White (sans pointy hennin hat). It left me with the feeling that every part of our lives is on some level an illusion. That we’ve all taken on these flesh-and-bone facades that aren’t even close to who and what we really are. Not even the largely unseen Sasquatch people are what they, er, “appear” to be. So no, I really can’t tell you if Portabella is indeed an Ancient One. But I can tell you that John is undeniably loved by the Sasquatch people.

When I reached out to John for permission to use this photo, he didn’t hesitate. Portabella had told John that he is a “bridge builder” between our cultures, and I heartily agree. When I first saw this picture in early summer, I felt the tumblers fall into place on some last inner lock on my psyche, fully opening my mind to the impossible reality that Sasquatch are, indeed, interdimensional. I sat staring at this image for I don’t know how long. And while John says this is still his best picture of Portabella, his FB feed is full of wispy Bigfoot faces taken in his home and yard that back up his claim that he’s never alone. Together, I think they’re building a bridge to help many people cross over into new realms of unexplored possibilities.

Lessons from Balana.

Before I get to the promised photos, I’d like to share this poignant lesson from another Sasquatch Elder, Balana. He’s the mentor of my friend Mike Bodewitz, whom I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know on the Switchboard. An ordained minister who is no longer practicing, Mike is easily one of the kindest and most spiritual people I’ve met out here, or anywhere. Living in Springfield, OR, he’s of course a UofO Ducks fan, but I do my best not to hold that against him. Nobody’s perfect.

During a meditation in late September, Mike had the following exchange with Balana. It answered many questions for me, particularly about their family structure and how it is (and why) they remain unseen. At least one of the fires he’s referring to is likely the Eagle Creek Fire, set by two teenage boys throwing firecrackers near Multnomah Falls, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge. A tragedy for humans and Sasquatch alike that needn’t have happened.

Mike: I felt the urge to go out and sit with Balana again. I went out and as I was getting ready to meditate I looked in front of me and saw a small rainbow of colors. It appeared in a flash and disappeared. I looked away and then it happened again. I couldn’t see it looking straight at it, but if I looked away slightly I could see it. It flashed four times. I then connected with Balana. “I am here.” I asked what that was. “That is my son Sharak. He is saying hello.” I said what I am I going to learn today? “There is a great sadness over us. Some of my people have died in the fires. One of them I was related to and was close to,” Balana said. I am sorry to hear that, I said. “Humans are reckless and ignorant.” I then felt how they felt. Great sadness swept over me, and some anger. I said I am not like them. “I know,” he said. I am sorry this has happened to your people, I said.

Why does this happen? Why do your people sometimes get caught in the physical and die? I asked. This was a complicated question and I could tell it was hard for him to get me to understand. It took a little bit but he got the ideas across. “We are like you humans in some ways. Each clan has a leader. Each leader and the members of the clan can decide to have certain traditions and behaviors that are different than other clans. Some clans may decide to be more physical most of the time. Eating, hunting, mating, etc. Some clans make rules that they will be physical. Other clans like mine prefer to be in an elevated form most of the time. That is why you do not see our tracks often unless we want you to. So these physical clans sometimes get caught in bad situations.”

I said we humans call it cloaking. What do you call it? “There is not a name we use. It is just another form we choose to take. There are overall collective rules that we follow. These rules were decided by my people’s high council of elders. The rules are 1: Do not intentionally harm any living thing without purpose. 2: Do not intentionally harm one another without purpose 3: Respect all living things 4: Stay hidden from dangers 5: Live by the code of the forest (which I will tell you later).” It began to rain and I thanked him for this lesson. (End).

I feel so very grateful to have met Mike and now, Balana. As I read this through again, I can feel the despair that Balana and Mike experienced on the loss of their friends. All because two teens were presumably bored and couldn’t think of anything better to do than send lit firecrackers down a tinder-dry canyon at the height of summer. “Reckless and ignorant,” indeed.

And though Sasquatch don’t term their interdimensional abilities “cloaking,” for the sake of this blog reporting and how we perceive them as humans, I feel it is accurate and appropriate to use that term. Besides, I don’t know that I can come up with a better name than Uncloaked Blog. Also, “Just Another Form We Choose to Take Blog” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

To the photos!

Without further ado, here’s a sampling of the photo evidence (not proof, remember!) that has changed the way I see the world around me. Like Portabella’s unforgettable gift above, these images have convinced me that the Sasquatch people (and other energetic beings) are always around us, whenever they choose. And, as evidenced by the last and most recent cloud face pic, however they choose to show themselves. Sadly, I have yet to gain permission to use a remarkable shot of an uncloaked Sasquatch hiding “out in the open” in a field of lilies shot at a nearby botanical garden. So confident was it in it’s natural camo that it didn’t even bother to shift into a more translucent state.

The photographer (a FB friend of another friend of mine) obviously had no idea the brazen Sasquatch was there. But imagine the face of a square-jawed Easter Island statue staring right at you from the middle of a field of lilies (plus another so fully cloaked you only see its nostrils) and you’ll have a sense of this rare image and my disappointment in not being able to bring it to you. My ethics prevent me from publishing this remarkable picture (the photographer has not replied to multiple Messenger inquiries), but just know that like Portabella’s picture, it was a game-changer for me.

Let’s start small. Orbs are delightful.

Shelly Orbs 1

These are orbs. And they fascinate me. The erratic way that they move and dance reminds me of dozens of children being loosed all at once at an Easter egg hunt. You can see them perform for yourself, in that split-second when you take a flash pic in the dark and the infrared trigger captures their erratic movements before the flash goes off. But video recording in the dark is really the way to go, as you can watch their movements in real time as you watch them do their Top Gun flybys around your house.

Below is a clip I took recently while turning in for the night. The best success I’ve had is by asking for their participation, and as you can see by the one flying directly at my face at :17 seconds, they are only too happy to please.


Like so many tiny astronauts.

Shelly Orbs 2

Shelly Orbs 3

What are they? Not sure. I asked that question of a professional Intuitive friend I know from the Switchboard, Trinity, who replied, “I believe they are intelligent beings that don’t need form, but some of them can become 3D if they like. I wish I had the answers. I just think of them as friends and thank them when they show up.”

shelly single orb
Notice the pug nose and huge smile inside this orb, that I suspect to be a Sasquatch traveling energetically. I’ve also seen ones with obvious ET faces.

If you can capture one in a still frame and look close, you’ll likely find a face. Or, multiple faces. These often-colorful orbs seem every bit like tiny space ships with so many astronauts inside, piloting their acrobatic maneuvers. A woman named Shelly Binkley from the Switchboard generously provided the four photos, above. Though Shelly sometimes sees them with her naked eye, it’s usually when using her infrared camera that she realizes they’re present. And no, these are not dust particles. When you first see them dancing inside your home for yourself, you’ll realize you’re in the presence of joyful intelligence. And magic.

Stan and orbs

Here’s my dog Stan on our trip last July, being bombarded by some orb-friends. There weren’t even mosquitoes out that night in the hot, dry air of California’s gold country. I believe this was the same night I witnessed an eight-foot tall “shadow” jump across a narrow irrigation ditch, from a distance of only a couple car lengths away. The obviously cloaked Sasquatch made no sound as it leapt, moving with all the grace and stealth of a black panther in the night. I remained surprisingly calm at this sighting, catching the movement out of the corner of my eye as I sat at the door of my camper, talking to the darkness and the hidden friends I knew were there with me.

“That just happened.” Like so many events about my week in the Sierras, it was a moment I’ll never forget.

c&p orb 9_3_17 copy

I captured this picture of a large green orb just outside a coffee shop near my home in West Seattle. I often take pictures to look for hidden faces later (which I typically find), but this time the Sas was traveling energetically. My online friend EarsToTheGround told me that it was not my guide, Haro, but another of his clan (name not given).

home orb B.jpg 9_4_17

The very next day, I took this picture of the smoky conditions in our neighborhood (caused by forest fires in the region), and you’ll see another muted orb in the treetop. Quite possibly a sun flare reflection, but two days in a row makes me suspect otherwise.

Moving up in weight class.

My other dear online friend from the Bigfoot Forums, Stickbreak, sent me the next photo of a handprint intentionally left on her car by one of her own hairy friends. Stickbreak had been worried that this friend was mad at her, and had asked Ears (who speaks with the Sasquatch people telepathically) if that was the case. By way of answer, her big friend gifted this handprint in the middle of the night as an emphatic way to say that no, she wasn’t angry at all!

E's Gift cropped

If you’ve ever felt angst over a misinterpreted text as you try to explain what you really meant, just imagine what it’s like when relying on a human translator to convey messages with someone of another species. People who can move between dimensions, at that. Wires get crossed all the time, and poor Ears could write the definitive Sasquatch-to-Human Inter-species Handbook based on all the problems she’s experienced over the nearly 10 years that she’s been able to telepathically communicate with them. She offered up this abridged version some time back:

Well, there probably needs to be a different manual for the hairy folks, & it would be bigger than the Sears catalog. And it wouldn’t hurt if they had one for us, too.

It could tell them things like, “don’t try to share mates with a human unless they offer.” “Don’t sneak up & poke a human while they’re bent over, washing out water dishes for the chickens.” “Don’t beg for the last piece of cornbread, & then decide you didn’t want it after all.” “DON’T force your ‘attentions’ on cows & horses.” “Don’t take the
first ripe cantaloupe of the season unless you ask first.” “Don’t try to put magic spells on humans since some can & will defend themselves.” “Don’t expect humans to know all your rules, because they generally don’t have a clue.”

Sasquatch mores and norms can be hard to figure out. It seems they have just as much difficulty understanding our human boundaries and customs. I hope Ears does write that handbook, or at least her stories. Trust me, they’re amazing. But back to the handprint.

E's Gift cropped smaller
Close up of faces within the Sasquatch palm print. Though admittedly hard to see, there are tiny Sas, ETs and other beings represented here.

I was just learning to “see” energy at the time Stickbreak shared this with me in mid-July, and I surprised us both with what I discovered. This hand/palm print not only creates the outline of a Sasquatch face overall (see first image), but within the print are untold dozens of smaller Sasquatch and ET faces. I don’t think her large friend so much created the images of these smaller faces, as simply attracted the signature of these entities with her own great energy. No matter how it was created, I find this art-within-art approach captivating.

The next four photos were generously shared by Suzette Pergande, the woman who runs the secret Facebook site where I get my daily fix of all things mystifying, the Sasquatch Switchboard. Suzette often shoots video whenever she’s out at her local park or camping, later reviewing the footage to see what surprises have been gifted her. In other words, none of these beings were seen with the naked eye. She was filming in our 3D reality, but capturing a higher vibrational world that we cannot yet see otherwise. Parallel worlds sort of stuff. I’ve never been a huge sci-fi fan, but here I am living it.

These pictures suggest a reality about the Sasquatch people that’s different than anything I’d been lead to expect. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I knew from my friend Ears that the Sasquatch people sometimes battle and war between their own kind, for starters. Also that humans, Sasquatch, and the Star People are somehow connected in efforts to prepare for whatever comes next after the Earth moves from its current 3D vibration to 5D. Known as ascension, the Earth is itself evolving, and as I’ve come to learn only since January or so, it’s likely the key to all this newfound weirdness and wonder in my life.

My own dreams and visions have removed all doubt: we’re living in a time of great cosmic change, upheaval and renewal. I’ll do my best to explain what I think all of this is about in my next post. In the meantime I offer up this YouTube video by Dolores Cannon, the great quantum hypnotist and healer who discovered that there are Star People living among us now who are here to help the Earth calve into a new 5D reality. They arrived in three waves of “volunteers,” incarnating as Humans to get past the Cosmic Law that they cannot interfere with Earth’s doings. Yup. Right out of Star Trek and the “Prime Directive” clause of no outside interference. A vivid case of art imitating real life. There’s a lot of hidden truths (soft disclosure) in what Hollywood sends our way.

Seriously. What the hell?

For now, know that these next few pictures completely shattered the “shy, solitary woodland creature” stereotype that I’d previously held. Instead, the feeling that I take from these images is that there’s a high level of coordination going on behind the scenes—that there’s a chain of command being followed. To me, knowing that Sasquatch are a patriarchal society simply does not go far enough in explaining why so many beings are together in one place, at one time.

train suz

This first shot was captured in a video taken at a playground in Lodi, CA near Suzette’s home. It reminds me of New Yorkers waiting on the morning subway, or even cadets being sent off to war. Wherever they’re going (possibly waiting for a UFO transport?) this shot is eerily reminiscent of China’s Terracotta Army, I think. This is no accidental gathering. No, this feels like orders are being followed. Orders from a much higher official. And possibly dimension.

These are Sasquatch beings with places to be. And they’re expected to be there, on time, at that. I can only wonder about the full truth regarding the Sasquatch society, and why it is that they would ever need to move about in such a synchronized manner.

Green goblins

Here’s another shot that boggles my mind. Not a flattering name, but I call this photo the Green Goblins. Suzette captured this while camping near Willows, CA, but instead of the forest scene she thought she was filming, she got this. The white arcs on the beings’ heads are thought to be an energetic signature; I’m not sure if they’re coming or going in this scene.

Sas on trail mass suz

warriers down a trail Suz

I find this last picture (and cropped closeup) as interesting as it unexplainable. Why are all these beings together, and what need is causing them to travel in such a large group?

While I get a positive vibe from these (Sasquatch?) beings, I feel it is important to share that there are negative entities out there as well, as explained in this important article by writer and great friend to the Sasquatch people, Kelly Lapseritis. In her article The Good, the Bad and the Hairy, she shares a side of the Sasquatch phenomena that is not often talked about. My own blog is about rising above fear, and I don’t share these negative aspects lightly. Nor does Kelly; I really appreciate her viewpoint that with the right attitude, none of the “bad” need enter our reality.

Closer to home.

The next couple of photos circle back to my own experiences. As I’ve said, it’s my belief that I have Sasquatch people looking after me at all times. This next shot (and closeup) was taken from inside a friend’s home, capturing a bit of the greenbelt outside. Near the top of the tree in the sunlight is the face of an unknown Sasquatch guardian, herself uncloaked and mostly unguarded. I always consider it a gift when they do this; I don’t believe the Sasquatch people do anything by accident.

Mom again 7_24_17 crop 1


Mom's friend cropped 7_24_17

I don’t know if she’s there to protect my friend or me but I’m glad for her presence, regardless. What began as a sort of Peeping Tom intrusion when I first learned of my ever-present guardians has grown to feel like the gift and adventure of a lifetime. Any resemblance (admittedly) to a gorilla is accidental; my understanding is that the Sasquatch people were created in part using the DNA of the giant lemur and are not related to gorillas.

Ever present.

I must admit, the day I kicked off this blog in early August, I was emotionally taxed to my limits. I’d just told my friends and family that I see the world completely differently than how most “normal” people view it and I was feeling vulnerable, to say the least. Yet at the same time, I’d all but begged my friends not to look at me too much differently.

Incidentally, I’d checked in with my Sasquatch guide, Haro, before I published my blog, asking Ears to get his opinion for me. Not if I should go ahead with it, but simply his thoughts. “It is good,” came his reply. Pressing a bit, Ears asked him if I would have any regrets. “Yes. But it is good.” Haha. Upon receiving those two sizeable thumbs-up I pushed forward, and while there have indeed been a few sharp notes of regret, there was no way I was going to keep all this wonder to myself. I’d have imploded by now.

blog day 1

Though cropped for both our sakes, this photo hints at my anxiety on that day. I took it hoping for evidence that my hairy friends were still with me, no matter what. Happily they were, and still are.


What looks like an oxen yolk in the tree is instead the brow ridge of a faithful watcher; I’m guessing a young adult male. When I saw this evidence of my friends’ presence moments after taking the shot, the stress of the day melted away. “This” was really, truly happening. I’ve played with the contrast a bit for better viewing, but you can see eye guards, his lightly cloaked and matte-colored eyes, cheekbones, plus a hint of his nose.

They love reflective surfaces.

Me N Jeanette crop 1 9_14_17 copy

I marvel at the Sasquatch people’s ability to project their very energy into virtually anything—trees, rocks, clouds (see below), and especially reflective surfaces. In early September I’d met a friend whom I’d not seen for a couple of years, catching up over a 2.5 mile walk around Seattle’s Greenlake park. She was gracious and surprisingly receptive to my Sasquatch revelations, even posing with me in a selfie at the end our walk to see if any friends would show themselves in the trees behind us.

eyeglasses tight 9_14_17 copy

They did, in force, but the very best face was captured as a projection (“reflection” does not seem accurate, but possibly?) on my sunglasses.

“Squatchers” continue looking in the wrong places. They’re always near.

On a solo walk recently in another local city park, I took this next picture to see who might be along. I was gifted a number of Sas cameo appearances, but none more interesting than this momma Sasquatch with her three babies.

Meerah 9_17_17 HD vert

You can see where she showed herself in this first shot, projecting energetically high up in the trees. I asked Ears about her, and she learned that the mother is named Meerah, who proudly stated that the three children in her arms are “all mine.” I am honored that she (and others) would entrust me with such personal pictures and information. Here’s a close-up of this family group, “ghosting” in the treetops:

Meerah 9_17_17 HD and babies

Say, you’re not from around here, are you?

Not all my visitors are Sasquatch people, which you’ll be hearing more about soon. I took this next photo in my front yard after returning home from my July camping trip to a broken water main that had been running under my retaining wall. Thank goodness for neighbors who called the city and fire department to shut off the water while I was gone.

What is it?
I believe there are two beings here, though they are aligned to suggest one angular head. I think the line running diagonally is the break. Note the two vertical lines on the first creature’s chin, like a tattoo or natural marking.

I’d taken a picture to record the damage, and looking closer found these two curious charmers in the sapling shoots of a mature tree. People that I’ve asked say they may be Elementals, but to me they have a type of ET feeling to them, especially the one in front resembling Kermit the Frog. More and more, I’ve come to expect weirdness in my life, and feel less of a need to have it all neatly categorized or explained. I’ve grown to welcome the not-knowing. Cute, aren’t they? Whatever they are. Those leaves are about three inches in length, for reference.

There is consciousness in everything.

Cloud Sas Faces 10_11_17

Cloud faces, really? Absolutely. I’d walked the 20 minutes from my home down to the shores of the Puget Sound one night in early October, and my eye was drawn to that narrow burst of color announcing the spectacle that was to follow. Reviewing the photo later, I realized that I had not been alone while I took in the splendor of a Pacific Northwest sunset. It is my contention that the two enormous Sas faces (circled for your convenience, but I doubt you’ll need the assistance) are surely the energy and consciousness of the Sasquatch people.

The veil is thinning, and I believe there are no accidents. Not in the people that daily cross our paths, or the other so-called coincidences that manifest in our lives. These energetic beings were there at the precise moment I wanted to connect and recharge with Gaia’s energy—the very life force of our Earth.

My journey into wonder continues, and I’m glad to have you along.




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  1. I am completely captured by your story here. I too, am a photographer of the paranormal. I see orbs without a camera.. they are interdimensional life forms, like the Sasquatch. As you mention, Dolores Cannon speaks them in her Convoluted Universe book series. They are sentient and highly intelligent beings. I would love to join the fb group if possible, I will send you a FR. Thanks for writing this amazing story and your images.


    1. I am so glad you enjoyed my story. Every once in awhile I will catch an orb with just my eye, but lately it’s been a Sas youngster running around the house. I was sweeping and thought it my black cat scooting around a corner, only to find him snoozing away in the bedroom a minute later. Thanks so much for your kind words.

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      1. That’s so awesome. Wow.. I was born and raised in the Pacific NW, and as a child heard many stories about them. I always felt something I couldn’t explain about them, that they were much more than people knew. And I feared for their safety (still do). I was thrilled to get a glimpse of info via Dolores Cannon. I may share your story in a group or two that are spiritual and open if that’s ok. I will stay tuned for more. Kind regards..


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