4. Go big or go home.

The large Seattle ad agency I worked at some eight years ago had a well-earned reputation for being one of the most creative agencies on the west coast. I wrote for the design team on behalf of our national cellular client, and others. The assignments typically weren’t as sexy as those the ad department got to work on, but the creative buzz of the place permeated every facet of the agency and I learned a lot about the true nature of creative risk-taking.

The then-popular mantra of “go big or go home” was frequently recited in work kick-offs and even client presentations like some sort of religious doctrine. Taking risks is what keeps us growing. And for an ad agency, it’s what keeps the lights on.

Meet Haro.

It is with this “go big,” take-personal-risks spirit that I introduce Haro, my ancient Sasquatch guide and friend, pictured above. Hardly a wilderness location, the picture was surely “gifted” to me while I spent a few nights this July camped at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley, California. If you look closely, what appears to be a massive beehive wrapped in Realtree Xtra© Camo is actually his head, easily 15 feet off the ground. You won’t see his body or feet. At least, I never have. He might be over 20-feet tall, but I have no way of knowing. Here’s a closer view:

Haro HD2 crop

And another:

Haro HD3 crop

Haro is most surely an Ancient One, that cadre of elder Sasquatch beings that direct every facet of their societies. Nothing happens without their permission, or at least their knowledge. The “car art” drawing that was left for me in another story (see 2. Arieanna), was done so only after she’d asked permission from her clan leader. It might have been Haro, I’ve just never asked.

It’s hard to see, but his smile is pulled up on his left side. I can’t be sure if it’s meant as a warm smile, or an impatient smirk he reserves for a Sasquatch youngster trying to climb up on his knee. Either way, I love the Big Guy.

I’ve never seen him with my naked eye, but he’s graced me with at least two other incredible photos that I’m sharing below. I think you deserve it, considering the pussyfooting I’ve done in my previous three posts. I made a claim that Sasquatch are interdimensional. So, it’s put up, or shut up time. And I’ll admit, I get that many of my friends would prefer that I just shut up.

Even if true, why are you sharing this with us? What’s your point?”

I know… It’s a lot.

 “Keep educating us.”

After my first salvo of posts in early August, a good friend expressed on Facebook that she fully supported me, and to “keep educating us.” It was just what I needed to hear then, and still is. Especially considering that another close friend urged me to get a CT scan in order to rule out any medical issues. You know, just in case…

I quickly realized that while this friend genuinely does care for me, he was just extremely uncomfortable with the subject matter and felt that the likelihood of Sasquatch being real was highly implausible. Laughable, actually. But here I was, a trusted friend all but demanding an overnight paradigm shift in his thinking. Like most of my dear friends, he needed time to process.

Still, it was easier for him to believe that I most likely had a brain tumor than it was to even consider the possibility that Sasquatch were real, much less with me at all times. Just as I loved my other friend’s “tell us more,” attitude, I equally appreciated this friend’s cautious reaction and concerns. Perhaps more so.

Older than you, Sonny.

I have no desire to prove anything, but I find the evidence so compelling that I feel obligated to share. As I’ve said before, Sasquatch are real, they are unreal, and at least in my case, they are always with me. And here’s a fun fact: my omnipresent ancient guide uses a cane.

I recently asked my telepathic online friend EarsToTheGround (from The Bigfoot Forums website), if Haro would divulge his age. He declined, but did say that he walks with a cane. “Not because I need to. Because I want to,” he offered. If ego and pride are to be considered solely human traits, then Sasquatch are most assuredly our brothers. Our older brothers, at that. They were here first.

Here’s another picture of what has to be Haro, watching over me and a family member as we shot hoops in June of 2016, almost a full nine months before I’d finally connected the dots that I have an ever-present Sasquatch family. First, a full photo of the tree he’s in for scale; he was way up in a pine high above the basketball hoop, caught just as he was ducking out of sight.


Here’s a closer view, plus a Feline buddy to his left. More on that in a minute. Just look at the SMILE on his face. He’s busting up as he dives for cover. How can you not love these people?


You’ll notice that Haro is cloaked to match the evergreen boughs that he’s hiding in, just as he matches the tree bark in the photos above. The funniest part? Because this was taken well before I had any knowledge these people were constants in my life, this is a completely innocent and candid snapshot. Unlike the selfie above, where I’d invited anyone interested to join me that sparkling summer morning, this is a true reflection of a past life of sorts. A life before Knowing.

And out of all the pictures I could have investigated that day not too long ago (on a hunch), I chose this one. One and done. I can only conclude that I was guided.


Shrek, is that you?

Take a really good look at his face. Hmmmm. Look like anyone you know? How about that most famous of lead Hollywood Sasquatch men, Shrek? Yes, that lovable DreamWorks Pictures ogre that by any other name is surely a Sasquatch. I maintain that an actual ogre of lore is merely the European cousin of our own Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Same goes for the monster Grendel in that classic Old English poem, Beowulf. Again, as interdimensional beings the Sasquatch people are anywhere and everywhere they choose. Legends and lore had to start somewhere, right?

Haro was not alone, of course. Sasquatch seem to always travel in groups. Here’s a close-up of a friend just a couple of branches over, decidedly feline-looking. Felines have been a running theme in my photos for some time now, and I suspect they may be ETs from the Sirius Star System. Here’s a link I found to Feline Extraterrestrials, if you’re interested. I decided some time ago that any friend of Haro’s is a friend of mine. It just seems like the polite, and prudent, thing to do.


It’s time to see them as the People they are.

Sasquatch are not a new phenomenon. They’ve been with us forever, but given fearful names for what were more than likely some terrifying acts on their part—nobody is saying they’re perfect. And you have to consider that they were most certainly persecuted out of fear and ignorance back in medieval times, not unlike the hateful TV shows of today. Those armed Bigfoot hunters on the “documentary” series, “Mountain Monsters” are furthering two terrible stereotypes at once: that hillbillies are ignorant, hapless people, and Sasquatch are vile, monstrous creatures only out to hurt us. That show, like its genre, is pure contemptuous dreck.

Perhaps it’s only the recent (and steadily growing!) shift to see the Sasquatch people as caring, loving beings that is new. And I am thrilled to add my own small voice to this growing awareness.

Here’s another picture that has to be either Haro or his brother, Sheuld, watching over me at a campout in Western Washington this August. I love how his brother’s name (as told to Ears) sounds like “shield.” It also sounds Germanic, and makes me wonder further about their own ancestry. As always, he has others with him.


A closer view:

loop orig haro

He’s again in camo-mode, his energetic projection matching the bark of the tree. If he’d been in full (transparent) cloak, there would be much less of a 3D quality to the picture, I believe. But like a Guard at Windsor Castle, there he sits quietly observing, protecting. Only he’s easily 20 to 30 feet up a tree! They can be found at ground level or in the treetops; where they’re sighted does not have any bearing on their true height as far as I can tell.

“We’ll chase away the bear.”

Haro was with me on a recent July campout at a lake near Yuba Gap, California. Ears told me that Haro and nine of his clan would be there, watching over me. Trying to be a good hairless member of his family, I asked her to ask Haro if I could bring he and his group any fresh treats or baked goods that they’re famous for liking. “Apple pie” came the fast texted reply, and it was added to the shopping list on the fly as I sped around the Grass Valley Safeway.

However, while checking in at the campground’s office a couple of hours later, I was dismayed to learn that there had been recent bear activity in camp. Steering my white F250 with matching Lance cab-over camper out to the lake’s earthen dam to get cell coverage, I urgently tapped out this message to Ears. “Crap!! Campground full. Got a bear warning, too. One came into a tent with a cooler. No way I can pull off leaving a pie. Please tell Haro I’ll make up for it Friday by leaving it on my camper—again if campground not packed. No Internet here; driving to send this out. So sorry!!! Tell him thanks for amazing Bigfoot clouds on drive in. The magic continues!”

Before I could pitch and yaw my way back down the rutted dam road out of cell range, Ears’ reply lit up my phone. “He says they’ll run the bear off. And he understands why you can’t leave the pie.” That was it, folks. The moment I fell completely back in love with my life.

I don’t just have people. I have Sasquatch people. And they are the sweetest bunch of badasses you’d ever hope to meet. “We’ll run off the bear.” Are you kidding me?! The President’s Secret Service detail can’t hold a candle to these guys. And yes, it does beg the question, “why me?” Why any of us? There are many like me, awakening to the reality that there is something magical developing in our lives. With or without a Sasquatch family. Something altogether inexplicable, yet profound. For me and others, it’s often described as a Cosmic Awakening.

Sasquatch are my gateway drug.

I’ll be doing my best to answer the “why me?” question in future posts, but for now simply know that my interest in Sasquatch has been something of a gateway drug to other phenomena. Extra Terrestrials, specifically. The two are absolutely connected, no doubt about it.

When I was ready to finally step out onto the slippery slope that is the Sasquatch/ET connection, the book that accelerated my journey (some would say tumble) is “The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection,” by Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis, M.S. I highly recommend it for getting a better handle on what our relationship with the Sasquatch people might be all about.

I am certain that there’s a reason why the Sasquatch people are making themselves more easily seen and interacted with, at a pace that is escalating daily. The “veil” that shields our dimensional reality from that of our more highly evolved brothers is thinning.

I also know that Haro’s pictures here are a gift to me, to all of us. Put another way, he wanted me to see them. He wanted you, to see them. It changes things, doesn’t it?


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