3. Look with your heart.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Shamelessly stolen from the Dalai Lama (I think he’s good with anything that spreads his message of love, even plagiarism), this was a notion that’s been as elusive as quicksilver in my life. Oh, I’ve known happiness, but I could never truly hold it. Yet, in a matter of seven short months, my old life is almost unrecognizable to me. Not entirely—there’s still my work as a freelance advertising copywriter, and I am grateful for the work. I look back on my career and realize that while I was not always doing the “creative” writing I  dreamed of, I was learning how to write in an equally powerful way. And getting paid while doing it.

But how did I get here, with talk of Sasquatch people in my home, and the ability to find images of Forest People in your hedge or berry patch? Part of the answer is that I fed an open heart and mind on the power of pure intent. And, I had a lucky stroke of synchronicity.

Somewhere in all my Bigfoot Internet searching, I stumbled onto an energy healer named Eric Raines back in January, and listened to an interview he had with host Michelle Walling on her in5D radio broadcast. They were joined by another healer, named Lynn Williams. Eric spoke of a frightening phenomenon called Etheric Energy Implants, placed there by a ruling ET faction that controls our “Matrix.” You mean there’s really a Matrix? In a manner of speaking, yes. But I no longer give it much weight—as humans we are completely in charge of us. Earth is a planet of Free Will. Plus, (and how come THIS isn’t taught in school?) we are actually Light Beings living a Human Existence. We are not weak and powerless. We are friggin’ white-hot cosmic ass kickers, but no one bothered to tell us. How convenient, for someone. But yes, we get to change the rules any time we want. We just need to learn that we are the authors of our own rulebooks.

These shitty entities are called Archons. But it’s advised never to give them the satisfaction of calling them by name. The preferred nomenclature is “ankle biters” for how these parasitic entities actually feed on our negative energy, our “Loosh.” WTF, right?

Something in that interview clicked with me, and I thought, “what the hell?” I’d spent years in therapy and had finally come to loggerheads with my very fine therapist last November. I wasn’t coming around. I had a sorrowful heart and could not find the light in much of anything. She suggested medications instead of continuing our endless talk therapy. The pilot light in my chest at last clicked on.

NO! I am better than this. I will not medicate myself to wellness.

I walked out her door and never looked back. And I love her greatly for helping me to work through some really tough interpersonal crap prior to this parting. Mostly Daddy issues, but it’s never just one thing. I don’t arrive at this computer, in this moment, without her. Amy, if you’re reading this (and you’d better be!) thank you. From the bottom of my awakening heart.

Unleashing Natural Humanity. Mine.

So when I heard that there could actually be entities intentionally trying to keep our spirit in a place of darkness to feed upon our negative energy (they have no soul, no light of their own—they are powerless to us when we raise our vibrations), I decided to do something about it. Starting with raising MY vibrations.

Eric put all the info on his blog for free, here: UnleashingNaturalHumanity.com. This guy isn’t trying to get rich; he’s trying to genuinely help other human beings. His site is built on the belief that we, as humans, have incredible natural abilities that have been shielded from us on purpose. My research confirms that yes, we were literally created by Aliens. We are of Alien descent. We are, in effect, earth-bound Aliens. Same as Sasquatch, in my opinion, though they vibrate at a much higher frequency still, making them at least fifth-dimension beings. They can travel through solid objects, among other things. Still in our three-dimensional shackles, we cannot. Yet.

They’ll never find the “missing link,” because evolution only takes us so far. We have been someone’s giant lab experiment from day one, and it’s grown tiresome.

Did you know we each have 12 strands of DNA? Yet, only two strands are active, flipped on, actually working. It’s that “we only use 10% of our brains” conundrum. Why don’t we have access to our own full humanness, our majesty?

Using a simple 20 to 30 minute stretching, breathing, Qigong and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) protocol once or twice a day, my energy changed. My attitude changed. When I sat in silence after these exercises, my mind started seeing incredible sights through something like Remote Viewing. Or maybe it was Remote Viewing. All I know was that I was dreaming, wide-awake.

I’m not a Shaman. But I think I might have been in another life.

I would see animals like elephants and lions up close, almost eyeball-to-eyeball. UFOs as if I were out in space viewing their comings-and-goings. Alien faces. Some so frightening and foreign that I had to open my eyes to “change the channel.” Lots of Sasquatch faces. And are you ready for this? Even a beautiful green dragon with the longest, most luscious eyelashes you’ve ever seen, straight out of Shrek. Yep. Dragons are real, and they’re hilarious. Lithe and sultry like a cat, but eager and playful like a dog. I’ve heard they’re not all so nice, but if I mind my own business I shouldn’t have to worry. You can bet that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I met another dragon in meditation a while back, this one tan colored but every bit as lovely. Not sure what I was seeing when I first viewed her, I started to pull back to get a better perspective. Like a drunken co-ed at party, she batted her lovely eyelashes at me, wooing me to stay. I’m told her name sounds something like “Gorgeous.” It fits.

I feared she might have been one of the crappy Reptilian aliens that are also here to do harm, and I’d stopped the viewing. Sadly, she was gone when I went “back in.”

I suspect I was a Shaman in a past life, as animals seem attracted to me. After seeing the elephant for the first time, I reached out to my online friend EarsToTheGround, so that she could ask my Sasquatch guide, Haro, for more details. He confirmed that yes, “he is protected by the Elephant.” So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

Quit stalling. How do I see Forest People for myself?

So now that you know that I have honed some abilities through practice and intent, let’s get to the fun stuff. YOU can do what I’m about to show you, without all the time consuming meditation. You just have to know that you can.

A month or two back, a lovely friend that I used to work with at a design firm posted this picture of herself in the woods, intended to help promote her work as a soul coach. She helps women reconnect to their Divine Feminine, and as you’ll see in a moment, she has captivating energy and is one of the most open hearts I’ve ever met. She tells me her work is incredibly satisfying, helping to bring her clients, and herself, closer to their True Selves. I should be so lucky. MY soul guide is 15 feet tall with a head as big as a laundry basket. But I’m not complaining, Haro Old Boy!

(I find it’s best to apologize often to beings that know my every move, and that could be standing right behind me even now as I type. I’d imagine a playful head slap could all but remove my head from its shoulders).

I’ve redacted this photo at her request (I’d originally shared it on a Sasquatch site I frequent, below). I think every Forest Person from miles around showed up for her photo shoot. She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. Funny, generous to a fault in her guidance of this cautious soul, and so very thoughtful. But yes, it would seem everyone likes a pretty face.

H redacted 2

Here’s the original coding system I sent her, explaining the circled faces. I chuckle at face #2 every time; he’s just such a dude. And what’s also interesting to me is that my friend had zero notions that she was being watched that day. We are surrounded by energies and entities every moment, with no knowledge.

“Here’s the main photo with my obvious finds in red. #1: First dude I found. So easy–I knew there’d be more. Elfish, light-green face. See deep eyes and human nose? #2 This guy cracks me up. He looks like a truck driver leaning out the window to whistle at you. Sweet, tho! # 3 little face. They rarely actually look like BF! Not sure what the little ones even are? “Forest People” is such a broad term. #4 Deep almond/ET eyes. #5 Right eye and side of face peeking out from tree. #6 whole face peeking. Isn’t this wild?! More to come.”

More to come, indeed. There are literally dozens of faces in that pic, but you get the idea.

This information is not intended to scare you! It has always been this way. And you’ve survived, right?

I’ll tell you one thing not to do. Don’t try to show off your newfound talent by telling unsuspecting Facebook friends through Messenger that you saw a picture of their lovely family in the woods and want to share with them all the woodland beings that are thrilled for their company. It’s weird. It’s rude. And while ultimately my friends were extremely gracious, it was wrong.

It’s also wrong to find a perfect, uncloaked Sasquatch-face in the friend of a friend’s botanical garden shot, then school him on the knowledge that you see faces in all of his beautiful photography, too. Don’t do that. Also weird. Also wrong.

To my two dear friends who know what I’m referring to (and praying you’re still here after spewing Bigfoot all over your shoes), my sincerest apologies. Seeking validation is a messy business. My desire to give you something back for all that you’ve brought to my life should have been handled differently. In a very real sense, this Uncloaked blog is it. So, thank you.

Look with your eyes. Then your heart.

I first learned how to find forest faces by a loving, generous woman named Suzette Pergande, who started the “secret” Facebook site that has accelerated my dive down the rabbit hole, The Sasquatch Switchboard. Nicest bunch of people I have never met.

Suzette runs a tight ship (really more a family of people who actually like each other…), and you can forget about trying to be a Scofftic over there. You’ll last five minutes, tops. And it would be a shame, for you. People share photos that will make you think you’ve walked through the front door of Hogwarts School. Every day that I wake up as of late, I swear I might actually be Harry Potter.

Here’s another couple of shots from an old friend (close up of masthead pic), who told me she “felt” something on a walk through the woods. I guess! How about a hundred faces starting out at you from a rock. Yes, a rock! I don’t even have a third of them circled. So if you see one not circled, good eye!

peachy close

I’ll keep saying that I don’t know how they do it, they just do it. Sasquatch, Forest People, ETs and Elementals can all project their energy into anything. Want to learn how to find Big Faces? Think like Mel Gibson in the scene in Patriots, when he instructs his sons how to shoot the Redcoats. “Aim small, miss small.”

You want to find a 12-foot Sasquatch who’s blatantly “hiding” in plain sight behind or inside the rhododendrons at your local park? Find the little faces, first. And no, you don’t have to go to camping or climb the Himalayas to find them. Go take a picture of your tree in the backyard and see what wonders emerge. For real.

A word about technique.

I’m on an old MacBook, and I simply save an image as a .jpeg file on my desktop. In the clunky old “Preview” that comes with the computer, I hit the Toolbox icon and find the pen to circle images. Be warned, if you circle too many faces without saving, it will crash. No worries. Those faces will be waiting with smiles (and some scowls by the cranky ones who are camera shy) when you bring it back up.

The trick is to blow the image up to a point where the pixels just begin to blur. It’s like the entities can’t quite hold onto their shit any longer and they become exposed, subtly. You’ll start to see patterns. A single eye becomes two. Then a nose, then a whole face magically jumps out of the shrubbery in that cherished photo of your family waving goodbye to the newlyweds as they speed out of sight. I’m telling ya, these guys are softies. They love, Love! Find your first face, and you’re off!

I’ve yet to see a photo without at least a few faces. I’ve seen pics where the vegetation on the opposite bank of a river is completely made up of unbelievably huge faces. It may become your next hobby, too.

Last hint: To start, I suggest you find a pic with your heart energy fully engaged, and you can’t miss. But any outdoor photo with good lighting and vegetation will do. This isn’t rocket science. They are everywhere.

Have fun!

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